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When you and your doctor agree that it's time for surgery, the Silicon Valley Joint Replacement Center (SVJRC) offers a comprehensive program designed to meet your individual needs, providing optimal outcomes in the shortest possible time. We offer services in:

Am I a Candidate for Joint Replacement?

Do you have pain in your knees, hip or groin?

  1. Is the pain restricting your daily activities?
  2. Is the pain not relieved on taking medications?
  3. Do you have swollen knee?
  4. Do you limp while walking?
  5. Does pain makes you stop when you walk more than a few blocks?
  6. Are you having pain when lying or sitting down?
  7. Are you getting pain for about 3 to 4 days per week?
  8. Do your knees hurt when climbing or descending stairs?
  9. Do you feel pain when walking for long time?
  10. Does pain disturb your sleep?
  11. Do you find it difficult to put on your socks and shoes?
  12. Do you have a sensation of instability or the knee is going to give out?

When you are physically active:

  1. Do you need crutches, canes or walkers to help you while walking?
  2. Do you have tightness or limited range of hip motion?

If your answer is yes to the any of these questions, you might be suffering from arthritis — a degenerative joint disease, and you may be a candidate for joint replacement. Make an appointment with one of our Silicon Valley Joint Replacement surgeons to review your options.

Shorter Hospital Stay and Faster Return Home

Rapid Recovery and Transition Back Home

As the first joint replacement program in Northern California to be part of the Marshall Steele network of top performing programs, we benchmark our results against 250 hospitals in the nationwide network. Pain, activity and experience data is based on surveys collected from patients at post-operative office visits. State averages based on MediCal and commercial insurance claims data.

Improved Quality of Life

Dramatically Improved Quality of Life

Quality of life data compiled from surveys collected from patients at post-operative visits from 1/1/2013 to 12/31/13 and the national average for quality of life data is from the Marshall Steele database.

Low Complication Rate

Low Complication Rate

Excellent Patient Experience

Excellent Patient Experience

To learn more about joint treatment at Good Samaritan Hospital's Silicon Valley Joint Replacement Center, contact us today!

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