Heart Rhythm Center

Heart Rhythm Center in San Jose

Our specialized cardiac electrophysiology clinic adjacent to the main campus gives patients easy access to leading edge diagnostic capacities, as well as enhanced EP treatments to correct heart rhythm irregularities. These irregularities have life-threatening consequences on their own and contribute to risk of stroke, heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Good Samaritan Hospital would like to introduce the Heart Rhythm Center, located directly across the street from the hospital. The "HRC" will provide an extensive range of services for patients with cardiac rhythm disturbances. Patients can receive complete diagnosis, treatment, and education for heart rhythm issues.

The Heart Rhythm Center provides excellence in the evaluation and treatment of patients with many different arrhythmias. We have an ongoing commitment to provide you with technologically advanced and personalized care.

See the location of the various heart rhythm diagnostic and treatment procedures offered at Good Sam San Jose.

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