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Mardi R. Karin, MD

Primary Specialties
  • General Surgery
Secondary Specialties
  • Breast Surgery
Mardi R. Karin, MD
14850 Los Gatos Blvd
Los Gatos, CA 95030
(408) 358-2868
(408) 358-6787
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Medical School: UC Los Angeles

Residency: University of Iowa (Des Moines) Program

Physician Bio

Meet Dr. Mardi Karin, board-certified surgeon and breast cancer specialist.

Dr. Mardi Karin has extensive experience with breast cancer and understands it is one of the most emotional diagnoses a patient can receive. Although a common cancer, she makes sure her patients understand the care is complex, with many different treatment options and alternatives today.

She also believes in continuity of care and helps her patients throughout the entire process of diagnosis, treatment and recovery to make their experience the best possible.

Dr. Karin now utilizes breast MRI for high-risk screening, which allows her to visualize cancers that were not visible on mammograms.

Mastectomies today are far superior cosmetically, Dr. Karin points out, with reconstruction often performed in the same procedure. A woman’s own fat tissue can now be used and the nipple can often be saved, leaving only small scars that are barely noticeable.

A graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Karin’s compassionate approach has received special recognition, including the Patient Choice Award in 2012 and 2013.

In her free time, she enjoys exercising, cycling, gardening, travel and reading.

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